Tank the Six Banded Armadillo


Scientific Name: Euphractus sexcinctus

Status: Least Concerned 

Tank's Story: Tank came to us from another wildlife organization. 

Facts: Unique to most of their kind, Six Banded Armadillos (aka Yellow Armadillos) are mostly diurnal rather than nocturnal. They are terrestrial solitary creatures living primarily underground in the open plains, but are also found in rain forests and grasslands. They are omnivores feeding on a wide range of plant and animal species such as roots and worms.  

Range: Six Banded Armadillos are found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Suriname.

Conservation: These tough animals have no major threats to as a species. However, they are hunted extensively, as a source of meat and for medicinal use. However, their cousin the giant armadillo is classified as an appendix I animal (threatened with extinction) and is protected by law in many countries. However, it is still hunted for food and sale in the black market continues to occur.

Thanks for learning about SWI's wildlife ambassadors.

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