Rosie the Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

hilean-Rose-Hair-Tarantula spider animal-show wildlife reptiles

Scientific Name: Grammostola rosea

Status: Least Concern

Rosie's Story: As with many of our smaller animals, Rosie was kept as a pet who owner decided she no longer met their lifestyle. 

Facts: These beautiful spiders, are known for their beautiful pink hue which varies in color from individual to individual. Males live about 5 years while females can live as long as 15–20 years, but may live much longer in care of people. These shy and docile creatures are commonly kept as pets. They are solitary and nocturnal by nature eating many insects people often find to be pests. 

Range: deserts and scrub regions of Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile

Conservation: Although some tarantulas are endangered Chilean Rose Hairs populations are stable in the wild and breed well in captivity.   

Thanks for learning about SWI's wildlife ambassadors.

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