Mia the Fennec Fox


Scientific Name: Vulpes zerda

Status: Least Concern

Mia's Story: Mia was placed with SWI after being born in captivity with rickets (a softening of bones in immature mammals due to deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D, phosphorus, or calcium). Sadly, as a result of this condition, most of Mia's teeth did not grow in properly and therefore needed special food and care.  

Facts: The Fennec is the smallest species of canid or wild dog family in the world weighing roughly 3-5 pounds. Their unusually large ears serve to dissipate heat and aid in listening for prey under the sand. Like many desert animals, they have special adaptations including their coat to camouflage, keen sense of hearing, and efficient kidney functioning to tolerate very dry conditions. 

Range: North Africa and Asia (Morocco, Egypt, Niger, Kuwait)

Conservation: Like other foxes, Fennecs are sometimes hunted for their prized fur. These tiny foxes do not cause any direct harm to humans or our interest such as livestock.

Thanks for learning about SWI's wildlife ambassadors.

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