Macho the Penicillata Marmoset


Scientific Name: Callithrix penicillata

Status: Least Concern

Macho's Story: Macho was placed with SWI from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Facts: Sometimes called Black-Tufted Marmosets due to black tufts of hair around their ears. These tiny primates live in family groups of 3 to 14 individuals. Although twins are not always common in primates they are very common among marmosets and both the males and juveniles will assist the female(s) in the raising of the young. A large part of there diet is tree sap which they may share with other groups of Marmosets. 

Range: Brazil (Rainforests of the Brazilian Central Plateau)

Conservation: The Black-Tuffed Marmoset is not endangered or threatened, however it's habitat does overlap with other endangered primates such as the Golden Lion Tamarin. 

Thanks for learning about SWI's wildlife ambassadors.

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