Irwin the Kookaburra


Scientific Name: Dacelo novaeguineae

Status: Least Concerned 

Irwin's Story: Irwin came to us from a captive breeding program in 2020, and needed a home. He has been wowing the crowds ever since with his Tarzan "koo koo koo" vocalizations! 

Facts: The kookaburra's iconic call is often associated with many jungle theme movies.  Although kookaburras are the largest member of the kingfisher family, they are not closely associated with water and typically do not eat fish. They often feed on lizards, snakes, and small mammals. They use their beak to slam their prey against a branch to break up bones in order to swallow it whole. They weigh less than a pound and have blue speckles thoughout their wings. 

Range: Their habitats range from humid forests to arid savannas in Australia and New Guinea.

Conservation: T

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